Daniel Kellachan b1904 – d1982

1980-Cathie-AdamsDaniel Kellachan (Dan) was born in Dixon’s Rows, Blantyre in 1904.  He attended Ness’s school on Glasgow Road and left aged 14 for a job working in one of Dixon’s pits. Dan was second oldest of 3 boys and 3 girls. Sadly, his mother died when he was just 14. This looks to have prompted some changes in family life.

His youngest sister was adopted by his aunt and uncle and she emigrated to New Zealand. Later on, his older brother and 2 sisters emigrated to New York

Changing jobs to work at the Priory Pit, he along with other workers joined the fledgling labour movement in which he became very active, and at about this time he was also very active in the equivalent of the NUM. He represented the workforce in discussions about conditions, pay and safety.  A hard working man, it is unknown how he ever found time to be a father to triplets! Very sadly, the children all died in their first year.

He then became active in The Miners Welfare of which he was secretary for nearly  40 years. Over the next  couple of decades , he became a district councillor in the then version of government and following that, a County Councillor being nominated twice to be an MP! Once for Midlothian, where he was pipped by Tam Dalziel , who remained a good friend. His trade union activities remained and he became an NUM  agent ,travelling over Scottish coalfields .

He was also active in the Scottish TUC ,representing this body at World Peace Congress in Helsinki 1954 , and was on a delegation invited to Russian coalfields. He and his wife were invited to Holyrood Palace for the Queen’s garden party , and Dan was an escort for the Queen Mother on her visit to Miners Bowling Green. He is pictured famously in Blantyre with her on the bowling green. Throughout all this time he was still secretary of miners welfare , was a member of various bodies amongst the the Silicosis Board , pneumoconiosis board and various other bodies.

He left a wonderful legacy , amongst his grand and great grand children , there are 3 lawyers, 1 doctor ,2 pharmacists 6 civil servants in diplomatic affairs, service Tax Inspectors and works and pensions , 1 Squadron Leader in RAF , 1 Theatre Manager in large hospital , 1 Schoolteacher , 1 radio executive ,various computer experts , 2 International finance managers and various others still at Uni , doing Medicine, Architecture , Accountancy and PE .

Dan is pictured here in May 1980 alongside his family at a reunion which saw his sisters travel back from New Zealand and America. He died 2 years later.

With thanks to Gerry Kellachan, Dan’s son for the detail of this article.

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Anne Marie Murray My grandfathers brother and sisters They were all at my wedding 40yrs ago the14th June 1980 it was great to see them all together…
Mary Bell We lived in Dixon’s rows my dad was Hugh Murphy I remember him talking about dan kellichan a lot we moved to Fife when I was. Nine
John Cornfield I remember this man and his name was regularly used in our household by my dad and our uncle Dan Cox who was a member of the Communist Party and a stalwart of the miners welfare!
John Breen I think I went to primary school with u Ann Marie
Did your brother play for Patrick thistle . He may have played against Celtic
In the historic 4 1 drubbing in 1971 in which I was at. And if it is u. We would have been at the Joe’s aged around 10
Gerald Kellachan Paul , he has a grandson a Roman Catholic priest , great grandson doing a doctorate in medical studies ,and granddaughter doing a degree in Fashion and design
Marian Maguire Amazing, Wonderful busy life, and Tories would look down on the working class? Just look what we have for a prime minister? Dan Kellachan and his offspring, who were brought up on love and hard work are the kind we need to be in Government but would in those days Never got the chance. Thank God things have changed somewhat. A credit to Blantyre.
Moira Kellachan I knew uncle Dan well his brother James Kellachan was my father in law, I was married to his son Dan for 57 years. We moved to Canada in 1976 with our 4 daughters. Unfortunately Dan passed away in June 2018.
Moira Kellachan We were at the celebration when all the sisters met in Blantyre we came over from Canada to be there it was a great night.
Janey Murray His granddaughter Isabell was my childhood friend we grew up together in Devondale Avenue.
Helen Kellachan-Halsall My great uncle and aunts, what a great picture!!
Carole Miller Joanne Gribben is this uncle joes relatives xx
Annmarie Hawkins On the far left, My great Aunt Sal O’Neil who lived on the Glasgow Road in the days that I knew her.  On the far right, our dear Great Aunt Betty Rutledge, who lived in my neighborhood when I was growing up. She made delicious BLT sandwiches after Sunday Mass for my sister Barbara Stenderhoff Mackin and me.
Veronica Mccole You have a great memory mum x
Karen McDade Sarah O’Neill a picture of your great gran Sal O’Neill x
Christine Stuart-Carr Agnes Kellachan is my great grandmother, she married John O’Neill in 1890. She would have been Daniel Kellachan aunt
Paul Jones Lyn and I meet up with Gerald in Blantyre Feb 2017. Joseph Callaghan and Mary McAuley came to NZ with family Joseph was the son of Daniel Kellachan and Agnes Mathews. Joseph and Mary’s family of 10 had a Ellen Callaghan born 1896 died NZ 1926 married John Wood McGlinchy and had 2 children eldest dying after 13 hours. Also had a Cath Callaghan which I believe they adopted as her mother died I think at the birth maybe wrong but from memory. Apart from the Callaghan’s 3 families also came to NZ about that time 1920’s Connelly’s, McGlinchy’s and Woods. Daniel and Agnes Mathews daughter Agnes Kellachan married John O’Neill there daughter Winifred O’Neill married John Connelly. Interested in sharing the family info

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  1. would the Kellachans have lived in Monteith Place from about the Sixties onwards. If so, they were close neighbours. However, we were completely unaware of Dan’s illustrious history!

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