1967 Braidwood Builders Fire

Towards the end of 1967, smoke was seen billowing out a building at 5 Logan Street. Upon inspection it was observed that Braidwood Builders had caught alight and soon flames were coming from the roof.

The fire happened one Sunday and the fire brigade was called out who soon had the blaze under control. However, the main office was completely gutted, together with files and office equipment. Suspicions of police were raised after several witnesses had seen intruders earlier.

As an insured building, renovation took place but it did affect the office workers for a time, disrupting their office space. Workers like my mother pictured here in summer 1967, working outside that summer. Janet Duncan (20) is pictured on the right. Does anybody know the other woman?


1968 Braidwood Builders Blantyre

1967 Janet Duncan on right at Braidwood Builders, Logan St

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