1967 Weddings of Blantyre folk

Let’s stick with 1967 today and have a few more weddings. That year saw these 3 couples marry. Frederick McKeveney of Camelon Crescent, Blantyre married Burnbank girl, Sandra Blackett, the couple marrying in Burnbank Parish Church.

1967 Frederick McKeveney & Sandra Blackett

Then John Campaigne of Fernslea Avenue, Blantyre married his sweetheart Carol Ann Miller. The couple married in St Ninians Church, Hillhouse not far from the bride’s home.

1967 John Campaigne & Carole Ann Miller

and lastly but by no means least, a third happy wedding took place between Blantyre couple, William Cook of Strathmore Avenue and Doreen Wood of Morven Avenue. The couple chose the Livingstone Memorial Church to tie the knot.

Do you know these people? As always we hope the years have been kind and if for any reason any of these people wish their photos removed from the Blantyre Project Wedding Archives just let us know.

1967 William Cook & Doreen Wood

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