Sheep Grazing at Livingstone Centre

1960s DLC sheep grazing J. S. Bach

I recently posted some letters kindly shared by Sandy Wilkie about his father Peter, negotiating with David Livingstone Centre for his sheep to graze on the far fields beyond the centre. This of course helped keep the grass “maintained” as well as the obvious benefits for farmer and sheep.

The article prompted Gordon Cook to dig out this photo which he sent over. I’d never seen it before. The Wilkie sheep grazing in the background of the World Fountain in the grounds of the Livingstone Centre many decades ago! What a view there was then too. How open and undeveloped things were.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

William Mullen I remember the sheep being there just over my back fence also cattle great days
Nina Muir And the line of teeny trees which are now as tall as the others.
Blantyre Project Well spotted. Makes me think this was before the 1960s. The world fountain is so new looking. (built in 1930s)
Gord Fotheringham Nina Muir that must be the new doundary line….
Linda Halpin Had my picture taken on top of the fountain.
Ann Durie Lovely memory x
Kate Blackburn Love seeing all the old photos

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  1. Wow this must have been when it was just new!! I played in the park surrounding this area and we had a shelter, a play park with very cool play equipment for kids back in the 1950s, so this photo must have been well before then, thank you so much for sharing, so priceless

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