Lockdown Quiz 28: Where is this?

Today’s lockdown quiz photo. Where in Blantyre is this? This isnt easily accessible anymore, though was at the time of the photo. Answer revealed tonight.

pic 46

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Cavanagh Auchintiber?
David Blake Is that the back road that ran from auchentibber down to the EK expressway?
Marion Anderson Auchintiber
Frances Semple The back road
Shona Glaister Auchentibber to bypass
Kenny Macfarlane The puddy brae ,between calderside road and the expressway,sadly closed
Joseph Allan High calder
Jim McSorley It’s what was called the brickey road Auchintibber leading to where the railway station was. That’s my guess.
Drew Anderson Sydes brae
TanyaDavid Marshall Just above the water works or used to be went past stuartfield farm out to Hamilton to ek road
Helen Henderson Mclaughlin Dont know but somebody been there and left their gloves
Jim Syme Off calderside rd auchintibber
Blantyre Project Lots of good and close answers. It is the very top part of the Sydes Brae at Parkneuk Road, closed off (illegally perhaps, but unchallenged at the time) this road took us right up to the Newhousemill Road and of course now we have to do a sharp left

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