McGarry Sacred Heart, 1940


Monica McGarry Chizmadia lives abroad and has shared another piece of McGarry family history whilst they lived in Fin Me Oot, near Blantyre.

She told me, “While helping my mother move house, I found this picture. It’s signed by the priest, although I can’t make out his name, except starts with an A. It has my great grandparents Jane and Patrick McGarry and their children’s names at the time written on it. It’s dated, June 16, 1940. Anyway, the picture was in a suitcase in the attic crawl space in the garage in the United States. Unfortunately, during the move, the glass broke. I’ve had the whole thing restored to what it originally looked like. I thought I’d share it with you for the Blantyre Project. “

What a nice thing to have! I can well imagine the priest (who was Alfred J Gallagher by the way), visiting their home and blessing house, parents and family. I can well imagine all the family praying in unison in their front room as the priest made his speech. I note importantly the timing of this, as World War 2 was getting more serious.

Those months would have been frightening times for many families, especially if they had loved ones fighting abroad. Parents would surely have remembered the hardships their fathers and grandfathers went through in WW1 and it may have felt a terrible history was repeating itself. Many families would have turned more than ever to their faiths.

The devotion to the Sacred Heart (also known as the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, is one of the most widely practiced and well-known Catholic devotions, wherein the heart of Jesus is viewed as a symbol of “God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind I suspect this was something the priest did for many families and glad it was restored.

A nice family heirloom.


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Mary Dawson I have the same one fir the Gilhooley Family in Larkhall dated 1930. Lovely keepsake.
Walter McGarry Same name Stevie Mclean but not related. Here i thought we were the only Mcgarrys in Blantyre. I know the Old town in Hamilton there alot of Mcgarrys and are Catholics. We are Prods keep that quite but hail hail Stevie Bhoy.
Margaret Mary OSullivan So lovely for the family to have
Jimmy Whelan What a cracking piece of history for the family.
Margaret Duncan My grandmother had a ‘sacred heart’ picture on her hall wall and her living room
Jean Mcgarry Your great grandparents were my grandparents when granddad died in 1955 gran went to New Jersey and stayed with uncle John. We had same photo.
Marian Maguire Most catholic homes in the past would have this picture with their family names enrolled on it. My Aunty Rose Gallagher married Willie McGarry.
Ted Mcgarry My dad name is on it Daniel McGarry.
Joe-Isabella McGarry I’ve seen this before, my dad was Danny McGarry as mentioned in the Sacred Heart. He was a good drinking partner of your father Gerard. I wonder if it is the same one we had in our house. I believe there was a book of the Knights of St Calumba that was given along with the Sacred Heart. I’ll check with Jean McGarry and my brother Danny McGarry if they can remember. As luck has it my wife Isabel remembers it being in my Mum and Dad’s house.I see if I can find more information on this.
Joseph Kane We had one in our house my mum had it for years

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