Lockdown Quiz 10: Where is this?

pic 3

Some of the photos have been a little bit tricky this week it seems, so let’s make this one easier. Today’s lockdown quiz. Where in Blantyre is this? Answer will be revealed tonight.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

John Mcivor Down the park at asda?
Alison Walker-Hill Bottom of John St/ Clyde walkway
Tricia Allan-Martin Public park?
Jim McDougall Bottom of John St , Where the old Hadow and Nicholsons pigery was
Thomas Barrett Bottom of John street under the railway bridge
Margaret Brown Burns Bottom of John street
Colin Gray Itw exactly where im cycling to this morning!
Sylvia Mclaughlin John street
Graeme Smith At the start of the pigery hills
Karen Menzies At the bottom of the public park x don’t know the street name sorry x the path takes you to the train station x
John Dunsmore Bottom! John street under bridge leads to the. Bates
Linda Price under the bridge at John Street!
Joseph Allan John street ta the clyde
Stephen Canavan Correct me if im wrong there was a piggery farm up to the right as you go under bridge from john street i think we use to go down there wen wee me and ma bros
Tracy-Anne Sheridan That’s correct! It was owned by my grandparents and there was also another piggery just to the left of the picture, running beneath the railway line. The remains of the walls can still be seen.
Jim McSorley As the others have said it’s at the bottom of John street Jake Kirbys piggery used to be on the right. Near the banks of the Clyde.
Moira Macfarlane Public park!!!

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