2020 The Lido

Ted Crawford shared these photos last week. As part of his daily exercise during lockdown, he visited the beach! Although he wasn’t at any coast.

He was just outside Blantyre at the Lido, on the River Clyde. The former park still has its walkway on the riverside and steps down to the sandy riverside under the shadow of Bothwell Bridge. A quieter scene than usual with much less traffic on the nearby Expressway.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margot Chisholm How do you walk here from High Blantyre?
Stacey Duncan Margot Chisholm if you head to bothwell road, go to the bridge and it’s right next to it x
Stacey Duncan Margot Chisholm if you go, you can walk down past the wee beach and you’ll find a set of stairs, take you to the old craighead retreat.x
Ann Ford We used to go picnicking there when I was younger.
John Cornfield I’ve not been here since I was about 6-7
Orlando Ancilotti We used to swim there, when I was wee
David Tremble Nice to see something that the neds haven’t ruined
Ann Millar Gr8 walks, spent there with ma wee late daddy n ma brothers. MEMORIES brilliant ones off course.xx
Sandra Mckeown Loved the Lido. Used to get nets and catch ‘baggy minnows’
Ann Hartman Remember going regularly as a child in 60s totally unaware walk and beach still existed.
Carol McCormack We had a lovely walk to there last week nice and quiet hardly any traffic
Wullie Bell Iido played there as a kid
Michael McDonald Was down there a couple of weeks ago. My daughter and the two dogs.
Isabel Mcneily Awesome
Anne Grogan Spent many a day down the Lido, wasn’t sure if it was still there.
Gord Fotheringham Tooo far to walk …..we had the dam right on our doorstep…..and sandy beach
Karen Nicoll My Mum slipped at the Dam when she was a little girl, was terrified of the Water until she passed away at 32 x
Pat Cassidy Was this small sandy area man made
Blantyre Project yes, think so. Sand was added in the 1930s when the lido park was laid out, but have to admit the sand in this photo looks pristine and new. Maybe its being maintained.
Helen Grieve Used to go there for picnics a long long time ago. Happy days.
Hazel Aitken Never knew this place existed. Definately somewhere to go when the madness is over. Clare Grahamdo you know where this is hx
Pamela Kelly Ducie I have never been there – why not
Vicky McCool The steps around this area are in need of a bit of repair…watch your step if visiting!
Matthew Neil Was there this morning
Julie Hughes My very own childhood beach on my doorstep #Whitehill
Karen Nicoll Went there with my grandpa for walks with the dog, when I was a wee girl in the 60s and 70s
Isobel Paterson Brilliant memories

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