1959 Two Blantyre Lads

So who are these two Blantyre boys so smartly dressed and enjoying a day out? The year is 1959 and they’re aboard the ‘Queen Mary 2’, Clyde Steamer on a Lanarkshire Farmers’ Sail. Why, it’s none other than Alex Rochead (left) and Sandy Wilkie!

The ship was built on the Clyde in 1933 and carried famous passengers including the Queen Mother until it was retired. After a spell in London docklands, ‘Friends of TS Queen Mary’, a charity set up to preserve the ship and was key in raising the money required for the recent renovation. On June 6th 2019 she was towed to Greenock for dry-docking, back now close to her home. With thanks to Sandy for sharing the photo.

Screenshot 2020-05-17 at 09.03.49

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Eleanor Clark Looking good Sandy
John Cornfield So even you were a boy at 1 point Sandy
Well I never
Jiae Jiae I can remember when you were a boy, Sandy! x
Sandy Wilkie …….and I’m STILL a boy!
Peter Mcnally Kilts fresh n comfortable on a breezy day.

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