Generations for Playgroup, 1992

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To hundreds of kids throughout Blantyre, Cathy McInally (pictured) is a familiar face. This photo (i think) is from 1992 and Cathy had been playgroup leader at the Jack Horner playgroup in High Blantyre for some 21 years.

This photo represents putting one family through TWO generations at the same playgroup. Pictured also is little Jaimie Stirling (5) who had just started High Blantyre Primary School, after spending 2 years at the playgroup.

Beside him is mum, Tracey, who also attended the same playgroup some 19 years earlier. At the time Cathy said, “Jaimie is her double and acts like her. I love my job here and enjoy working with the children.” Tracey had no hesitation in deciding which playgroup her son was to attend.

In 1992, there were 24 children attending the playgroup, which opened in 1968.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Angela Bell Great picture Tracy Stirling you and Jamie have never changed x
Marie Smith 🤣🤣🤣Andy at the end charlottes double
Tracy Stirling Lol me and my boy Jamie
Tracy Stirling Aunty Cathy is a great lady
Katie Kirkwood Is this the playgroup I went to Janet Kirkwood?
Jane Paterson Wow Cath you should write a book about your work with all these generations of children and the work and donations etc that you do for the community you are one talented, well liked, and special lady you are a credit to your parents your wee mum would be so proud of you
Cath Mcinally Awww thanks so much For those kind words.
I was truly blessed to be a part of all their wee lives and also to be able to see them grow up and be in touch with lots of them through face book x
Margaret Mcdade 1979/80 my son Alan went brilliant Jack Horner corner playgroup thanks to Cathie

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