Cochrane’s Chapel

1910 Cochrane Chapel-Colorized

A stunning, largely forgotten old Blantyre building. This is Cochrane’s Chapel, once in the grounds of Calderglen. Today, this is an overgrown wood, with no sign of the building above ground, just off Kirkwall Avenue in Priory Bridge.

The old black and white photo has been beautifully restored and colourised and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between a modern photo using today’s cameras and this old one, which dates from….wait for it….1910!

A hundred and ten year old photo of what was once there. The little grave is that of Pelham Cochrane who was killed by a train nearby in the mid 1880s and who this chapel was built for. The lodge at the top right of the photo is now the entrance to modern Calderglen Avenue housing estate.

The ‘well do to” family still lived nearby at Calderglen at the time and Im sure they would have walked their private grounds often to this location. Likely tended by gardeners, it looks well cared for around the building itself.

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