1910, Calderwood Castle

1910 Calderwood Castle E-Colorized

A black and white photo of Calderwood Castle has been carefully coloured here showing the former building in all its glory! Pictured around 1910, this photo remarkably is 110 years old and is incredibly detailed. From the detail on the stonework to the figure standing in the gardens, it’s a perfect picture which puts the sheer scale of this former castle into context.

It sat outwith Blantyre Parish, just over the Rotten Calder River, though not far from Calderside. Attracting Victorian tourists, it was a popular hotspot for visitors from all over. The last significant part, the tower was demolished in the mid 1950s.


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  1. Thank you for the great information on the castle I only wish would be it was still stand in it a shame that the co-operative let it fall into such a ruin it had to be brought down !

  2. Beautiful! Wonder why such a treasure was ever demolished?

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