1900 Blantyre Works

1900 Blantyre Works

A wee treat today. Seen here exclusively for the first time online, this is a photo of Blantyre Works. Taken around 1900, the clear picture was photographed by early photographer David Ritchie just a couple of years before the demolition of many of the mill buildings.

The former Suspension Bridge (the Pey Brig) can clearly be seen spanning the River Clyde linking Blantyre to Bothwell. The bridge is a further upstream position that the current modern bridge. Beyond on the hillside are the oil works, which were located just off Forrest Street

This photo, incredibly 120 years old has kindly been colourised by ‘Scotland Colourised’ to bring some detail and realism.

Screenshot 2020-04-21 at 22.27.28

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