Book Launch Delay


Following some soul searching, I’ve decided to further delay the launch of my largest, latest book, “Blantyre People“. The book that’s taken me 9 years to write, features the stories of 1,500  Blantyre lives over 8 Centuries and is fully written, edited and checked. The spine is the thickness of a brick and its by far the largest book I’ve ever written, with almost twice the words of even my Glasgow Road epic!

However, it just doesn’t seem right to press the button and launch a product online at this time of global crisis when people are struggling to make ends meet, even for something as simple as having enough food or having to accept reduced or no wages. I know this will be disappointing to some people who were looking forward to it this week. On a personal note, i’d be much happier ‘in myself’ launching this at happier times and when hopefully things are looking better for us all.

As such, I’ve rescheduled the launch of “Blantyre People” to 31st May.

So, I’ll move on to editing another drafted book, which was written last year. I’ll be editing that over the coming weeks with the intention of launch BOTH books on 31st May. Something to look forward to in warmer summer months. Plans to launch a third 2020 book later in the year remain on track.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in these crazy times. Hope you’re all safe and well, wherever you are in the world.

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