1980 Building Asda

Recent photos of Glasgow Road in 1980 have been well received online, so I’ll show some more this week. Here’s the construction of ASDA in 1980. The roof of the warehouse is complete and in the foreground you can see the building of the library on the corner, though back then it was to be a pub/club.

Built on the site of the former Stonefield Parish School, this work significantly changed the face of Blantyre. To the right just out the photo is Hasties and of course the redundant market area.

Looking at the warehouse reminded me of a time in the late 80s when I worked in Asda at weekends. I was often in the warehouse, the top part open and can remember all sorts of birds nesting in the rafters and doing their business on all the food and hardware pallets below. Not nice indeed and little wonder its now all closed off.

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