David Livingstone Birthplace Project

David Livingstone Birthplace – Progress Photo update
Here’s a wee look inside and around Shuttle Row. Latest photos of the ongoing renovation of the David Livingstone Birthplace. Due to re-open in Summer 2020, good progress with the new path layout is shown here. I look forward to seeing this all landscaped. They’re doing a great job so far. As a construction manager, I can identify with the problems and unforeseen problems renovating a listed building can bring.
On another note, I was interviewed by phone yesterday by the staff, looking for feedback and suggestions. I took the opportunity to relay concerns about the small existing Playpark, i.e. that it needs funding and should be upgraded in line with the new facilities. Also suggested more benches and picnic tables, now the the place aims to be more secure at nights.
We had a great chat too about the archiving of Blantyre Project history and exhibits and confirmed I would like to return the renovated Herald clock back to the site in summer. You can probably tell, I can’t wait for the grand re-opening of Shuttle Row!

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