Congrats to Blantyre Miners Welfare

A celebration takes place today as staff and customers mark 60 years of trading of the ‘Blantyre Miners Welfare Social Club’ at Calder Street, Blantyre.
The club grows from strength to strength and as popular as ever with recent beautiful renovations to the function halls guaranteeing its continued success.
Celebrations are ongoing today. I’ve kindly been invited to a party night celebration on Friday evening, which both myself and my wife are really looking forward to. I’ll get some photos up afterwards and hope to tell the story of the club in more detail.
Meantime, looks like people are enjoying themselves today marking the occasion. Well done to Andy and Mick for rolling the red carpet out to all.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly reserved for Blantyre Project Books and not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jim Canning Glad its continuing to thrive, an important part of the community.
Blantyre Project so many decent clubs in Blantyre and with such great, modern facilities. Even with the loss of Columba Club, people in this town still have no shortage of affordable, quality party space/venues.
Jim McDougall I remember all those years ago my dad John Mcdougall my uncles and their friends big chubber and so many more , Dad and chubber and Puskis on the door committee men , What brilliant memories of that time in Blantyre , I spent many many great nights in there
Sandra Murphy Ma Day was a committee member and good friends with big Chubber. He went to to Welfare club every weekend Alex Murphy. We moved to Australia in 1973
Dad must have missed his mates so much in the beginning.
Jane Scobbie Jim McDougall remember those days well
Scott Eger Thanks for posting. Being a 1st generation American, all these photos & stories allow me to learn so much more about my mum’s hometown. I’m glad to see my wee auntie & uncle were there enjoying the celebrations. Thanks again for sharing all of these stories.
Iain Mcmillan Well done to all
Janet Mcmillan I believe my father and all his brothers frequented this establishment wander if anybody remembers my dad Robert latta
Eleanor Clark Think that was our uncle Guy’s second home (Paterson)
Yvonne Holmes Aww my wee mam Ann allison looking fabulous xx
Linda Halpin Mum and Dad were members for years x
Joan Lindsay Barker George Lindsay was my dad from springwell cresent, anyone remember him x
Joseph Kane Congratulations to tam and all his staff and members
Elizabeth Grieve My dad, grandad and great grandad all went to the club and renewed their membership every year. Had attended a few family weddings there as well and my late dads funeral wake in 2008. I’ve been in it a couple of times since
Jack Trainer My grandfaither, Bush Campbell, was a committee man there for years,60s/70,s.He was also a founder member of the Greenfield club in Burnbank.
Nancy Sinkinson My Dad Robert Beveridge was a member there and I remember the Christmas parties for the miners and their families. I always had a new dress and fluffy bolero my Mum had knitted. This was in the 50’s
Jane Scobbie I now live in Staffordshire but always go to the Welfare fir the bingo when I go home for a visit. Great place
Graeme Reid Congratulations on your 60th anniversary

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