Burns Family at Caldergrove, 1896

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What a wonderful previously unseen photo this is. Clearly staged with more than a hint of Victorian fashions and style, I believe this was taken in 1896 or 1897 by photographer David Ritchie.

The image is scanned from negative plates, providing exceptional detail. I think it is the Burns family, who briefly lived at Caldergrove Lodge. The photo may have been taken outside the East Lodge near Priory Bridge as the table in this picture is also in other photos outside their home. In believe it to be very close to Priory Bridge, Blantyre.

The women’s dresses epitomises Victorian older ladies fashion, whilst the man has short facial hair, a stark contrast from the large beards and whiskers of  a decade earlier.

This photo has been staged. A nice piece of elegant furniture brought outside, flowers adorn the tabletop showing the finer things in life alongside morals depicted by books eluding to family life and education, principles held dearly in Victorian society.

This was a photo showing 3 generations, which viewed here 124 years later, I’m also sure would have been cherished for many immediate years after it was taken.

With thanks to Alex Bowie for sharing.

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Gord Fotheringham And the gent has spit polished shoes….i still like them….

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