Shott House Wall Reduced

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Work has been taking place this week to reduce the height of the large walled garden at Shott House, High Blantyre. Recently transferring to new owners, the listed property is being fully renovated.

The stone wall around the private gardens is almost 12 foot in places, presenting an obstruction to line of sight for anybody coming in and out of the house, and also slightly to traffic heading up the hill.

It certainly looks a little different! The reduction in height will greatly improve safety for all. The rest of the walls will be retained for privacy.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Marian Maguire I do hope they have kept the old stone and he’d it for something else.
Stevie Mclean Did the owner of bars irn bru used to stay in that house? I seem to remember someone telling me that!!
Lesley Bethel Stevie Mclean I remember being told that as well!!
Arleen Perrie It’s 100 times better you can see what’s coming down the hill now before turning right.
Jim McSorley There was a mirror on a pole outside the entrance exit to check out for traffic coming from the cross end.
Jim Cochrane We used to get big chestnuts from those trees. Before the expressway was built it was real hard to cross that road after school. Once the expressway opened there was hardly any traffic on it.
Sandy Wilkie It was Robin Barr who was our milk customer in Shott House once upon a time – can any of the Wilkie Warrior milkboys remember the daily order? And how Mr Barr used to leave the tip?
Anne Ellis Yes Robin Barr lived there, dad liked when he attended church the collection “shott” Also, Millardale is the second oldest house. X
Mary MacLennan Shott house and Shott Farm my father worked there his best man Archie and his Aunt Jessie owned it used to walk the darkest road to get there and spend the evening knitting with a lovely coal fire to toast our feet

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