Craighead Bing, 1979

1979 Craighead Bing1

These photos show the extent of the bing and former coal wasteland at Craighead. Beyond the railway looking back to Blantyre and towards Bothwell, it looks far less overgrown that today. You’ll still be able to make out features in these 1979 photos, like the former Craighead viaduct pillars crossing the River Clyde. You can see the bing was being worked on too, to partially reduce height and tidy the landscape.

I was only 8 years old when this was happening and have no childhood recollection of Craighead. Do you remember this area looking like this?

1979 Craighead Bing2

1979 Craighead Bing3

1979 Craighead Bing4

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