Mrs Mary Watson Retires, 1967

1955 Post Office wm

In July 1967, local lady Mrs Mary Watson retired after an astonishing 43 years in the same job at the Post Office in Blantyre.

Mary started out at the former Post Office once situated at the bottom of Stonefield Road. She commenced working there in 1924, before moving to the Post Office on Glasgow Road, (which became the Knights of St Columba in the 1950s). She moved again in 1954 to the post office at the junction corner of Logan Street, further up Glasgow Road.

She was in a prime position to tell others of the vast changes she had seen in the post office over those decades, especially being able to tell of the amount of work required in the new offices. She had witnessed a lot of changes in conditions and how people went about their business.

Upon retirement, Mary moved to Strathaven to live with her sister and brother. However, before she did, she had a splendid retirement “do” at the Miners Welfare. Mr William Appleton, postmaster made a presentation.

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