1930’s and 40’s Note Books

A lady (who wishes to remain anonymous), shared these lovely 1930s an 1940s note and autograph books. They belonged to her grandmother, who kept them to collect messages from her Blantyre friends. Containing messages of friendship and good advice, I’m sure these would have been well looked after and treasured. Perhaps there’s a lot to learn from this! Here’s some of the writings, transcribed below:

20191002_131755 copy

“If a things worth doing, it’s worth doing well”


“Man was given two ears and one mouth, that he may hear twice as much as he speaks!”


“Todays dreamers may be the inventors of tomorrow”


“Remember, a fool can be so very wise my friend, thus so many make our world”


“In Friendships name be thou sincere,
Be thee beggar or millionaire,
In truth thou hast no cause to fear,
From one in whom thou hast a care.
Thus in faith you are sure to find,
Two happy hearts entwined.”



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