Clyde Braes near Station Rd

1980s Clyde Braes1

Need some help with these photos. They’re undated but I suspect may be the early 1980s.

The location is known. The Clyde Braes, leading down to the River Clyde, not far from Station Road. The old works cemetery is in the photo, so its before the houses were built at Caskie Drive. What year do you think these were taken? (I don’t have the answer, looking for suggestions).

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Moyra Lindsay It looked like that when I played there in the fifties.
William Mullen Is down the village ?
Blantyre Project yes
Sandra Anderson I remember the grave so it must be late 70ts early 80s
Michael Docherty Where new car park is and behind
Lynn Coakley I remember them as I child so thinking early 1980’s
John Dunsmore I can go back too middle. Sixty I seen the wrought iron fence
Jean Richardson Unaware of the grave, but was regularly there when Arthur McNulty kept horses in the large garden of the house in Rosebank Ave pre 1975!
Jim Brankin Yes but there was a graveyard behind the wooden shop (Tommy Morgan’s )it had been there for years we played there as kids in the forties.
Linda Halpin Yes we lived down Fagan Court when the houses were built and you had the braes views from your room. My wedding video has it before the houses were built they ruined the view x
Mary Gray That’s right Jim remember it well
Gord Fotheringham Knew the braes well….that includes the grave site……i remember the new sewage pipeline going through this area….yes THEY built houses over the graves..
Elizabeth Grieve What graveyard?
Jim McDougall It looks like the photo’s were taking from the bottom of John street where Hadow and Nicholsons piggery was under the railway bridge
John Mckeen I remember the graveyard from the late 60’s early 70’s. My gran & grandad had the top flat across from the village bar. Played there often.
Kirsty Liebow The grave was a memorial for Watson David Livingstons friend x
Alicejan Sweeney My family moved into the snadstone building on Rosebank ave in background in 1985, thats the old pet cemetery fence where i undertook several archaeological digs. But i dont see the bungalow that was and still is there, not sure wen that was built, might be hidden by the trees though.
Moira Campbell Played round that grave in the late forties lived in the prefabs adjacent to tommy Morgan’s, the village bar, the co op and mays paper shop.
Katie Roseanne Henderson Rosebank avenue, i used to stay here. Remember it well. Between 1976 & early 80’s xx
Jim Sweeney I would say between 1986 and 1990 91 I’m sure that’s when the bungalow was built
Tom Loggie A big concrete pipe ran from the lily pond in the park through to the Clyde braes and we used to go through it as a dare from each other,happy days.
Anthony Smith Possibly early 60,s.I can remember the tenement being derelict and piles of large diameter,to a 11 / 12 year old,pipes on the site of the cemetery.We used to crawl through the pipes.The grave with the tall spiked railings was still there.
Jim Brankin Yes there were some fences round a couple of gravesend in the forties but there were people buried going by the inscriptions not pets unless that was directly behind the old building in Rosebank avenue. Rosebank avenue is where I was born in Jan 1942
Jim Brankin Remember when we had a play park at knightswood Terrace and a wooden rent office in it .lol
Rose Jardine It was facing Rosebank ave, the blue shed is the dog kennels run by Bill Nicholson, he probably buried dogs behind kennel but they were definiltly human gravestones as there was writing on the. Livingstones mother was supposedly buried there. The building on the right was a derilect tennament which was knocked down and bungalow built. The only house on that part of the road wasTerry Connelys, he rented rooms out usually for young newlyweds. Waiting for council houses. He owned another house at the end of Rosebank next to railway which housed Men we called it the Model, we moved in 1976.
Alicejan Sweeney Rose Jardine i think that was why my mum was upset when i brought all the bones into her garden
Eddie Mcguire I remember walking through the grave stones when I was young always remember the the black spikes the story in my day it was David Livingstone sister that was buried there
Tom McQuade I lived in Ulva Place which was a large U shaped building stretching a fair way back behind the village bar . We were evacuated around 68/69 due to massive storm damage and the building was left derilect, the new houses and car park at the village bar are built on the ground which was once Ulva Place,i also remember the grave yard and the black fence, i remembee a fence around one parricular grave and was told it was Livingstones Mother/Sisters grave. This photo may have been taken between the removall of Ulva Place and the building of the new house
John McManus I lived in the light coloured houses that you can see in two of the pictures. Fagan Court, from when these were built. Pics look like mid 80s to me. Remember graves there and being able to get down to the Clyde at the pipe across to Bothwell.
Takes me back a bit.
Frankie Lehmann Part of the railings of the graveyard where still there in the early 90s although hardly noticeable because they had been cut low down where the iron touched the ground/concrete not far from Connelly’s building in , think it’s in the back ground.
Sharn Mcrol U can see the new build houses at fagan court junction of station road which my grandparents moved into newly built in jun 82 but the old tenement is still standing in rose bank so cant be much later as became a bungalow
Andy Callaghan I recognise this from the 50’s. Hasn’t changed much but really couldn’t guess the year of the photographs.
Patricia Bolton My grandfather, James Quinn, lived at 17 Rosebank Ave. the house was demolished due to subsidence and a nice bungalow has been built on the site


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