1981 Glasgow Road

1981 GLasgow Rd 1

This photo can be dated to 1981. It is of course an emerging new Glasgow Road facing west. Some sweeping changes taking place.

The St Andrews Church had just been built on the site of the former Stonefield Parish Church but the windows were still not in, boarded up, the construction ongoing.

Various tenements on both the south and north sides awaited demolition which happened very soon after this photo. Further along the road Clydeview Shopping Centre had been built and the Sports Centre was then under construction.

However, most prominently was the Masonic Lodge’s new “modern” building. Rising from the ground in red brick with its distinctive sloping roof, I always thought its architecture was deliberately modern to be as far removed from tenements as possible. For me personally, it never seemed to fit in its surroundings until later years when trees became more established beside it. This was where Sprott’s / Kidd’s Building had been. Their time as the 599 Club at that location was short lived before moving out in 1988 to the lodge in High Blantyre. It then became Cobblers Pub & Restaurant until shockingly, a murder occurred in 1992. In 1993 the brick building was sold off and became flats.

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