Main Street, High Blantyre

Cath McInally shared this excellent photo of the last days of the Kirkland Place, the former tenement on the north side of Main Street. The entrance to Cemetery Road would have been just out the photo to the left.

1980 Main Street at Spar

Taken around 1980, perhaps you remember the Spar, Apollo Taxis, Pandoras Box or Jean Weavers shop? What other shops do you remember there?

This part of Main Street is now a grassy plot with a few trees that have grown quickly over the last few decades.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Ann Boyd Remember these shops well growing up.
Kenny Macfarlane I’m sure there was a chippy on the right end of building
Trisha Mcginty I remember the chip shop was, it’s where the bus stop is now
Margaret Elma Griffin I lived in Cemetery Road remember the little grocery shop on the corner the Post Office Mrs Weavers shop the fish and Chip shop at the end
Stephen Speirs I remember the shop before the Spar, a general store – I think – one if my earliest memories is buying a packet of quavers for 7d in around 1970
Catherine Sneddon Was there not a fruit and veg shop x
Karen Menzies I remember the butchers with the sawdust on the floor and the meat hanging on hooks x
Isobel Hollis THIS is how I remember the Main Street; I haven’t seen it for many years though!
Michelle Evans My dad was mugged outside the chippy at the very far right side in the early 80s (circa 81ish)
John Queen Apollo Taxis was my fathers company
they had a few different offices over the years on the main st
William Dickson hobson the butchers the post office the chippy the grocer shop taxi rank across the road paterson the chemist shop happy days
Anne Irvine Coming from low Blantyre. I can only remember taxi office + chippy
Julie Tabor Gino s chippy , fruit n veg , taxi , spar and wee wool / baby shop
Janet Hamilton Lived in Waverley Terrace 1977 for 27 years loved all the shops in High Blantyre every one so helpful and friendly thanks Cathy for the nice memory best times and you running the toddlers group .xxx
Sandra Morrison There was a chippy there it was bennys
Brian Weaver In the 1950s, the chip shop was on the far right of the picture. My dad owned it for a year or so. My mum had Kiddiwear next door and was there from about 1954 till 1972. I remember Hobsons the butcher with sawdust on the floor, the post office ( with its inside phone box) and the grocer’s shop on the far left which changed into self-service one day and left us all very confused.
Drew Fisher There used to be a pillar box outside the post office. I seem to recall theMr Hobson the butcher lived in Alton Street in the prefabs.

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  1. I was born in the room and kitchen at 222 Main Street on November 1946. The upstairs window second along from the right was the bedroom window of our home, that’s me, my brother Niel, my mother Mina and my father Malcolm. To the right was the house of Joe McMillan and his family. Looking from the left the ground floor shops from 1950 to 1960 were: corner shop – novelties and general goods; the close to the flats on Cemetery Road and the back court; the post office (it had a name like Miss Fleming’s or something); George Nelson’s grocery; Dan Dow’s butcher shop (later occupied by Sammy ? and then by Iain Hobson (an apprentice of Dan Dow); the tobacconist’s Hobson’s (Joe and Mary, Iain’s parents, they subsequently left and took over the Causeystane Dairy on Broompark Road when my greatgrandmother and her daughter Lizzie Lawson (Dow) retired) and finally the chip shop. Dan Dow was my grandfather. My dad was born in January 1915 in one of the upstairs flats on the Cemetery Road leg of the tenement.

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