1960’s Schoolboy Photos

Thomas Ward recently shared these photos with us. He says, “I have just com across some photos of myself and good friend Davy Borden. Two were taken at the school camp near Meigle when the High Blantyre school packed us off for 4 weeks at end of term. The dormitories at the back were our bedrooms (iron bunk beds). We still had lessons but not for a full day. 

One day in 1962 I think, there was a Royal visit passing through High Blantyre, Davy was having his turn of the camera and he took this snap. The other school group photo  features most of 1961-62 High Blantyre pupils at Hunthill Road. Davy is the one with the puffed out chest. regards..”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Mary Kane These are great photos. I went to a similar school camp that looked just like this in Gorebridge Midlothian. It was with St Brides School in EK maybe 61/62 near the end of our primary school years. I cried the whole four weeks for my mum and dad lol!!
Anne Irvine Great pics
Mick Watson I went to that summer camp, Belmont camp in Meigle Perth around 73/74 with St Josephs, Mr Clements was our teacher, im sure the Joes won the football tournament .
Patty Smith I am also a Ward and my family was from your area. Who are your parents or grandparents…we could be related. My grandfather was Andrew Ward
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco When the queen’s car came down Huntil Rd. she was by herself in the car .
Catherine Whitefield Maybe the rest jumped oot for a pint moira lol x
Liz Allan Was davy’s mum Belle and his brother Martin. Do you know names of the group picture as I started high Blantyre in 61
But I think my brother might be in the pic David Wotherspoon

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