High Blantyre Station, 1954

Going back 65 years now and this is former High Blantyre Station. The photo is from March 1954 and shows the east platform (the one that people boarded to go to Strathaven).

Screenshot 2019-09-05 at 09.47.55

There’s some sort of hoarding up over one of the entrances, perhaps preventing the use of toilets. Oil drums sit beside the platform and you can see the cranes to the right hand side for loading goods, where now the houses at Craigmuir Road are. The Church would just be out the photo to the right.

Very different now!

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Stephen Watson Been looking for a station photo for a while. My brother was killed at the entrance gates in 1951. So thank you.
Blantyre Project Stephen, may i have your brothers name and i’ll include that in my notes for future generations to read? I have heard a story about a wee boy who died there, but never had his name confrmed. That must have been absolutely awful for your family. Paul
Blantyre Project Was it Allan Edward Watson? (3) I believe your family lived nearby and looked out on this scene too. So sad.
Stephen Watson Blantyre Project it was Paul. There was an account of the accident in the local paper. Unfortunately I seem to have mislaid it.
Stephen Watson Blantyre Project extremely sad for them paul, this was about a year after my sister also died from what i believe is called a cot death.. they lived on main st at the time ( 395 i think the address was ). hate to think how my mother felt especially as i believe she witnessed the event. she never spoke about it as far as i can remember.
Michelle Evans My dad takes great delight in reminding me that his home is where the former ticket office was. How true that is, I have no idea.
Maria Pedersen When did they close this station?
Paddy Maguire Should still have a train station. Need one to connect to low Blantyre
Alana Nicoll Interesting hearing about the past where we now live. Do you have any history on Main Street? We stay across from the Happy Shopper shop
Lorna Hughes Valentine Thanks for this story, interesting. I lived in the The Glebe, craigmuir road and always like to know more in the area great work Paul! X
Karen Rodgers Showed this to my dad, he remembers it from primary school age:
Yup. Still connected to the network, but line terminated here. Used to deliver coal to coal merchants who weighed and bagged it at the station. Big adventure to go there, as if spotted, you would be shouted at by “the man” and have to run for it lol

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