Blantyre 1910’s Part 1

This week’s video, I have to admit has been the most difficult so far to make. The decade from 1910-1919 was of course, scarred terribly by the horrors of the Great War, with monumental loss of life. War featured for more than half of those years and so I’ve focused on people. Ordinary Blantyre folks, who were extraordinary on the battlefields. 

Photos are all Blantyre related and whilst there’s some of Blantyre places, the lack of words and inclusion of photos with many people often Blantyre soldiers, is deliberate. Set to a popular WW1 haunting hymn, this video has a very different feel from others I’ve made. 

I hope you find it as moving as I did.

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  1. Difficult as it must have been Paul, it is indeed moving and superbly done. Another huge thanks!

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