Glasgow Road, 1980

1980 Summer Glasgow Road

Makes me sad looking back at the last few months of Glasgow Road tenements.

Like this photo looking along Glasgow Road to the west, taken in Summer 1980. Almost 40 years ago, the street is unrecognisable., with many of the tenements on the south side already knocked down (was never a shortage of parking that year!). To the left the burned out ruins of Stonefield Parish Church at the corner of Church Street.

On the opposing north side of the road, the subject of a coming sequel book of mine, boarded up tenements, still with some shops trading between former Clark Street (behind the red car) and the old entrance to John Street in the distance. The photo was taken from approximately Herbertson Street.

Can you remember Glasgow Road like this? Did it force a change in your shopping habits?

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Anne Callaghan Still miss Peter Craig’s the butcher ! Mrs Hamilton the greengrocers.
Stewart Willis Anne Callaghan my Nana s shop
Claire Conner So was stonefield parish church fire in 1980 or 1979? I can vaguely remember it and I actually thought it was a couple of years before that.
Blantyre Project September 1979
Betty Brown ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I lived above the bakers
Mary Mcguire Terrible it was demolished and not renovated
Mary Mcguire Or photos if Kelly’s building . I think we were one of the last families to leave. The McGuire’s
Craig Owens Walked this way to DLMPS most days in the mid 80s
Joan Anderson Anyone remember Gilmour’s draper shop? I remember the nylons were sold out of flat boxes, seams or seamless. Also sold knitting wool and Lino too
Blantyre Project Joan – so you were a Gilmour before marriage? Do you have photos of the shop or can tell me anything about it in a more modern context than these photos?
Valerie Krawczyk Joan Anderson our parents must have known each other, my dad was Willie Pate the newsagent.
Joan Anderson Yes, my sister Ann and myself are Gilmour’s Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the shop but I have seen the ‘big’ shop on someone else’s photo. The shop was originally in where the Bank took over as, when the pits closed, a lot of business was lost. I do remember in that photo on Glasgow road there were canopies above the windows. Dad moved into the smaller shop and if my memory is correct Sandy Thompson, newsagent and sweet shop was next door. My other grandparents owned Hastie’s Farm before it became the night club
Joan Anderson Valerie Krawczyk Valerie your dads name sounds familiar. Must ask my Aunt if she can remember- she’s 90 but memory is quite good
Thomas Barrett We left Clark Street in 1961 and nobody else moved in these flat were empty for 20 years before being demolished surely they could’ve been renovated and let out again.
Fiona Connell Lived in Elm Street back then loved it had my daughter in 1979. Great memories lots of great wee shops love Blantyre xx
Elizabeth Grieve I remember when they pulled the tenements down. It felt like part of the community died too
Amanda Palmer Still remember the church at bottom of my street, looks very small now in comparison to how it looked before
Jane Scobbie I was born, bred and married in Blantyre. Unfortunately I moved to England with my English husband. Now, I come back hone regularly and it’s so heart breaking how and to see Blantyre now. It’s has almost completely changed. And, can I say from my point of view, not for the better. The tenements could have been saved, renovated and let out again. Asda should never have been give the right to grow as big as it is and as for them having all that ground for their car park is awful
Anne Marie Murray Remember it ! I remember walking along the street the day of my wedding June 1980 looking for a curtain pole for our new place. At that time there was plenty of shops brings back memories..
Mick Watson Vague memories of living in John Street, but bedroom windows looked into Glasgow Road . There was a pub down below on the corner, wonder if that is the same building in this photo .
Robert Nicholl Red painted shop on corner was Martha the Poles where my cheap shoes for school where bought
Jim Frame Remember tony’s icecream shop on Glasgow road and George Kane’ s butcher shop and his van used to sit outside his shop

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