1977 Larkfield Bing

By April 1977, further reduction of the Larkfield Colliery Bing had started. The Bing was unsightly and becoming a dumping ground, hardly what was needed beside the relatively new Scottish Special Housing Estate.

It also encroached on to local business, especially at Eddie Collins Shop on Broompark Road as these photos show. Taken on 21st April 1977, it’s clear the Bing was a horrible blight on the landscape, right in the middle of the town. A dirty legacy of former coalmining era.

Something had to be done at Larkfield and by Spring 1977, the transformation of the Bing to the level playing field as it is today, was underway.

1977 21 April Eddies shop

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Robert Henderson Loved playing up the bing
Ian Paterson They were the days going and coming back fae school
Robert Henderson Ian Paterson remember when it was iced over in the centre of the bing going down it on a bread tray
Ian Paterson Aye out off Eddie Collins lol
Margaret Elma Griffin I used to play on the bing no health and safety back in the day

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