1980 Glasgow Road Looking East

1980 Glasgow Road Stonefield Church

By end of December 1980, the former Masonic Buildings on the south side of the road and the tenement at Abbeygreen at the corner of Church Street was demolished.

Glasgow Road is pictured looking east. The derelict Stonefield Parish Church stands at the corner of Church Street, the phone box still (almost) standing. Further shops on the opposing north side such as White Elephant, Mac Cabs and Batters already started to be boarded up. Many shopkeepers in late 1980 chose to wind up their businesses, rather than risk buying stock for the Christmas period that wasn’t going to sell or could be sold throughout 1981.

Last eviction orders were served on old Glasgow Road tenements for a final date of 28th February 1981, though much of the demolition had taken place already in 1979 and 1980.

I have to wonder looking at this photo, where all the stone from the demolished church ended up? The church had stood for almost exactly 100 years.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jim McAllister Sad to see it’s not there anymore
Maureen Downie Asda came and ruined Blantyre
Joseph Allan LOVED THE OLD B/tyre good days
Andrew Little Blantyre today has zero character – so much for progress 😞. Look at Larkhall, Strathaven, Uddingston – still full of character
Sadie Dolan So Sad, the good auld days!!
Elaine Speirs Look at Uddingstone, Bothwell, Strathaven, Lanark, and High Blantyre. All thriving small businesses. Blantyre was conned. We could have had Asda and kept more of our shops. Asda do so little for the community. They have never been part of it.
John Dunsmore Foot of. Church street used that phone box more than I can remember good days not bad ones.
Carole B Buchan I lived in Joanna Terrace when I was a child and when my Mum and Dad sold it they didn’t get much for it as people thought it would be demolished but it is still standing and so is Mayberry Place.Happy memories there.I loved the old Blantyre.The cinema, small shops and the beautiful park with boating pond etc.
Amanda Price Campbell Linda Price the top of our road
June Gorrance It’s amazing when you see pictures like this,just transports you back in time, so familiar 😊taps right into your psyche & your back right there,happy memories
Anne Irvine For those who remember those days. We just so happened to be in the right era. Time moves on and things change. Love seeing pics of those days. Funny how everybody remembers ‘ the good days’
Karen Morgan Lived above one of the shops till about 1970
Gerry Callaghan Anyone know if there used to be an outdoor market at the end of the buildings, were the cars are parked.
Blantyre Project yes, photos coming mid October.
Claire Conner We’re all these buildings demolished because they were unsafe?

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