Welsh Drive, Blantyre

Tam McGrail writes, “Hello, I was born in Welsh drive in 1956. I was wondering if you could tell me when Welsh drive was built and any photos of same would be wonderful.”

I was able to reply with:

Hi Tam. Sorry this has taken a time to reply! Welsh Drive was built in the mid to late 1920’s as part of the overall Crescents housing estate. The street was originally lit by gaslight and was likely named after the Calder Street Secondary headmaster John Welsh, who had died in 1927. I cannot find entries earlier than that year.

It would have been certainly a BIG upgrade in housing for the 63 mostly mining families who moved during the slum clearances of the 1920s. To have running water, a toilet and bath inside the house, with high ceilings and more than 1 bedroom would have seemed palatial!

Sorry, I don’t have photos of the era, but do have one of nearby Hardie Street of similar appearance, with Dechmont Hill in the background!

1930s Hardie-Street

1931 Hardie Street, Blantyre

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May Chalmers I was born in Welsh Drive too but through the wall from Tam McGrail – a few years later…
Claire Conner Still looks much the same except no cars back then. Love seeing these old pictures
Kev Samson Magic seeing these photos
Rae Brown Agnes Daly you must have some old photos of Welsh Drive? When did your mum move in she must’ve been one of the first? xx
Neil Wright Rae my mum moved in when she was 6 years old there must be old photos somewhere especially ones where the railway bridge is in the background i remember when anyone asked Agnes where she lived she would say Welsh Drive beside the wee railway bridge
Alan Robert Webb My grandfather lived at 50 Morris Crescent from around 1922 when the houses were built until he died in 1977, I last visited the house on the day of his funeral.
Jim McSorley Love the photo. I worked at Dechmont farm for 5 years.
Julie Tabor My Dads Family must have been 1of the first to move in ( Gillespie) John Gillespie do you have any info on this
Julie Tabor John Gillespie dad only stayed in 9 & 1 I remember 1 so well and didn’t realise it was only Gillespie s that had stayed in until Barbara gave the house up . So in total they stayed 1,3 & 9
Rosie Law My mum was born in hardie street
Gail Chalmers My great gran & grandpa, Mary & Jonathan Dorricot lived in Welsh drive
Andrew Mclinden I was born in 51 Welsh Drive in 1951 in my granny,s house John & Margaret Mc Cann ..
Caroline Marshall My husband was born in 60 Hardie St in 1945 his Grannie & Grandads house John Beveridge Marshall
Margaret Reid My aunt Kate lived in Welsh Drive no 10 until she died in 1971 x



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  1. My grandparents lived in 60 Hardie St Christine and John Beveridge, my sister and some of my cousins were also born in the house. I lived in 25 Morris Crs with my parents and sister for a few years in the 60’s surname Nugent. Anybody out there I might have known.

    1. Hello Catherine, my Great Grandparents were called Christine and John Beveridge, my grandmother was their daughter Sarah. She had sisters called Isobel and Christine along with brothers. One of which was George.

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