Blantyre Co-Op 1950’s

Stephen Watson has sent in this wonderful photo. It’s High Blantyre Co-operative’s Shoe Department. Likely in the 1950’s, Stephen’s dad, James (Jim) Watson is the man pictured on the far right.

My own grandfather John Duncan worked as a boot salesman for the Co-Op at one time, but I don’t see him in this photo. Recognise anybody?

What’s your memories of the Co-Op in Blantyre?


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Catriona Paterson Both my parents worked for the co-op my dad was a butcher and my mum worked in the fashion shop both in the late 50’s early 60’s.
Elizabeth Knowles My Grandfathe, John James, Fraser was Chairman of Blantyre Co-op Society around that time. I lived with my Grandparents in one of their appartments firstly on Jackson Street and then above shop on Glasgow Road. Smell of the black puddings being made in the building just under the kitchen window was great. Our next door neighbours on Glasgow Rd were called Wood and took a neighbours baby, Elizabeth Slaven out for walks – I was born in 1940 and would be around 11 years old.
Elizabeth Knowles Joanne Slaven always remember Elizabeths mum introducing her new baby to me and saying I was to help her look after the new baby. I walked her, was there at bath time etc. Not long after I had to go live with my Dad and his new wife, the baby there I was not allowed even to touch. Always wondered about wee Elizabeth Slaven. Thank you xx
Elizabeth Haley Went to Blantyre quite often before I was married. My bridesimaid lived nearby and I have fond memories of that part of the country. My mother was also Scottish but lived in Dundee the other side of the country. Lovely memories.
Hope to see you Thursday. Xx
John Cornfield Great pic
Maggie Anderson If this is the shoe dept in High Blantyre at the back of the drapery it’s not how I remember it….are you sure this is High Blantyre and not Low Blantyre ?
Irene Dickman Maggie Anderson think you’re right. Worked for a wee while in high Blantyre shoe department and don’t remember it looking like this
Maggie Anderson Irene Dickman I thought I was going doolally as they say lol….how I remember it was a small room at the back of the drapers lined with shelves where the shoes etc were kept…i don’t remember any displays as in the pic above x
Catherine Watson I remember the record dept and the toys on the top shelf!!!
Irene Dickman Started in co-op house in 1965. Worked in the baby department. Mr Lees was the manager
Catherine Murphy My mum Nettie McLaughlin worked in the furniture department in low Blantyre it was called the emporium I yoused to love going in and up stairs with my sister to the record department they had everything in the coop in low Blantyre
Ann Baird Cath that photo is high blantyre. Our record dept. Was coop in low blantyre
Robert Crothers big guy at the back .shug ? somebody…he hid a dug.and it ran it its big shuie dugless.
Jimbo McSkimming got my first pair of adidas footie bots from the co in P5

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