Robert Thomson’s Shop

Who can remember Robert Thomson’s Licensed Grocers Shop on Hunthill Road.

Located in a former tenement called “Calderview”, the popular shop in High Blantyre was well known. What can you tell me about the shop or indeed Robert?

1960 Robert Thomson Hunthill rd

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jackie MacDonald Situated roughly on corner of huntill/Stonefield. Can’t re ever being in it.
Jim Donnelly Used to deliver milk to it back in the day.
Liz Johnson In the 50s it was Willie Thomson who ran the shop. It was a social meeting place in the back room
Ann Boyd I used to be sent here when I was wee when I was at my grans, my gran stayed in stonefield place.
Marian Maguire My husband says he can remember hammy Anderson’s licensed grocers in Hunthill Road, is it the same shop? Hammy stayed in Watson Street.
Karon Knox I can only remember Hammy’s van which used to stop outside my front door no 43 hunthill rd
Jim McMahon Anderson’s was on the other side of the road up beside high Blantyre primary school…the original one.
William Dickson wullie thomson had the shop in the 50s anderson had grocers van stayed in watson st delivered the papers there for wullie mcleans shop great days
William Dickson was a good drinking den for various people no names if still living
Matilda Fulston The door next to Willie shop was number 44 the is where we stayed then we moved up the stairs my sister moved into then and that where my family were until they decided to pull it down my mother paid £ 150 for that room and kitchen 4 of us were married from hunthill road the best days of our lives if only we could turn back time love the photo
Jim Cochrane It was Wullie Thompson up until the shop closed and the building was knocked down. But I don’t think it’s this shop.ill sure it was on the other side of the building.
Matilda Fulston Wullie stayed up the stairs from the shop he never married his mother Mrs THompsom was a lovely wee lady he was one of the nicest people you could meet
Agnes Collins Stayed thro from shop moved to coatshill estate
Cecil Willis My dad Stoker and peter wilkie were Sunday afternoon regulars in the back shop no measures just poured from the bottle
Robert Stewart Cecil Willis I find that hard to believe Cecil😀. The back was known as Dr. Thompson’s.
Cecil Willis Aunt Maggie worked in the shop to she stayed next door
Johnd Dickson Used to deliver groceries on bike from their with basket on front
Carole Mackie Rickard I remember Wullie ‘The Parky’ my Papa cut his hair until he died in ‘94, I’m not sure when Wullie died.
Karon Knox I remember being sent to willie Thomson’s shop for my mum. If the shop was shut you could go up the back stair behind the tenement and he’d get what you needed from the shop.
Moira Mulvaney Pacheco We used that shop Tilly’s before we went to the dancing. Remember it well. Lol.
Dawn McCallum Stewart Kennedy…any comments??
Colina Cameron What happened in the back room one would like to know Liz come on now come clean ha ha x x
Jim McMahon When we lived in Janefield Place in the 70’s Wullie Thomson ran it. The rest on the building was run down. Wullie later became the parky at high Blantyre (Kirkton) park


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  1. If you were “in the know”, trusted and knew the knock, it was possibke to get entry via the back door for a few drams after the pubs had shut!
    “Thamsons” as it was known. Wullie would join you and the measure was a thumbs length. When Wullie tired, he left and trusted folks to leave the cash if they drank more. BTW, I was never there.

    1. Remember that shop well

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