1977 Eddie Collins Shop

1977 Eddie Collins shop 21 April

Going back now to 21st April 1977. Pictured from Stonefield Road (roughly where the bus stop is today) is the site clearance for the Larkfield Hall and flattening of the former bing.

The building is Collinses former shop and bakery (on the site of the later Mahatten, Finbarrs, Carrigans).  Broompark Road runs along the left hand side of the photo, the roofs of the Scottish Special Houses on the far right. I’ve zoomed in a little to pick out some details. Whats your memories of this shop and location?

Photos Courtesy: G Hay.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Anne Cook Loved his Scottish Pies!! The shop/ bakery was always covered in flour- this is the original shop I’m talking about when tha ‘bing’ was still there. Great place for sliding down on corrigated iron sheets!Happy Days
Caroline Rundell Ah so thats why that area was called the Sha!!
Blantyre Project Scottish Special Housing Association (SSHA)
Anne Ellis Best rolls oot , nicest guy ever was Eddie, happy memories x
Irene Berry Milligan Eddie was my uncle, both he and my aunt Annie are dead now 😪 but we have wonderful memories of the bakery and the cake shop next to the old broadway cinema x
Lorraine Brown Oh a ‘real’ 10p mix on the way home from school – with a highland toffee caramel in it
Helen Allan A hot pie at lunch time..
Jim Frame Remember Eddie from years ago stayed further down stonefield road in the scheme to the left
Arlene Campbell Jim Frame mr and Mrs Collins lived in the flat above the newsagents then in the very first house in Watson street across from the bakery/supermarket/pub
Sally Jamieson Loved the Collins Bakehouse and the goodies within it.
Jean Gibson Best rolls I have ever tasted. We moved into Scottish Special houses in 1970 and always went to Eddies
Blantyre Project 110 years ago the bakery building at the back looked like this (1910). Nearby, even prior to then was the “Alhambra Theatre”, a Victorian music and entertainment hall.
Arlene Campbell Blantyre Project it’s amazing to think of those people standing there in that spot all those years ago … great pic paul x
Marian Maguire My husband loved this shop. I can’t believe there was a theatre there! Seems so out of place now.
Anne Gemmell Goldie Hot rolls run home and butter them while still hot – yummy
Drew Macfie Best rolls ever
Bernadette Watt After the bakery A mini supermarket opened there I’m remember this family so well
Elizabeth Kennedy Hot rolls remember Eddie & Annie Collins well remember the bread under the counter during bread strike 😋😋😋
Alison Adam Rolls were great
Ian Paterson My mum worked there
Dawn Oliver May Mitchell – bring back memories? You used to work here
May Mitchell I worked in newsagents,bakery, and mini market,💗great years 😀😀 with Ellen Watt

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  1. If My brother was still living he would have chuffed to read the comments about E. Collins bakery. My brother Joshua worked for him when he left school in the early fifties for quite a few years as his main baker.

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