Pelham Cochrane’s Gravestone

1910 Pelham Grave wm

A photo from around 110 years ago. Behind Jura Drive, at the end of what is now Kirkwall Avenue once stood Cochrane’s Chapel. In what is now woodlands, there was a little memorial graveyard beside the chapel, this stone remembering Pelham Maitland Cochrane. Sheep are in the Calderglen fields where Jura Drive is now.

Above at the top of the hill is the former Calderglen Lodge House, at the entrance to what is now Calderglen Avenue, housing estate. This whole scene is hugely different now, over a hundred years later. The chapel was just out the picture to the left. Stay tuned tomorrow for the final photo of the chapel, a cracker in the days of all its glory!

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Steven Lightbody Amazing, everything well kept and hardly any trees, nature can sure reclaim the land!
Elizabeth Grieve It’s such a shame that they can’t move the graves to another cemetery
Arlene Campbell What a fab photo Paul

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