Building the Speedway, 1982

1981 Blantyre Speedway at Celtic Park

During the winter 1981 into 1982, the Glasgow promotion moved their Speedway team a few hundred metres to Craighead Park (home of Blantyre Celtic), which was situated behind the wall that ran along the back straight of the former track to the west. This was to be the new venue for Blantyre speedway.

A new chapter in the history of Glasgow Speedway began on Friday 30th April 1982 with the opening meeting at Craighead Park, Blantyre. The new track was a 263-metre circuit and Steve Wilcock won the race on the opening day. Steve Lawson won Heat 2 in what was to become the first track record and went on to win the prestigious, “silver helmet.” Rye House complained about the track after a 60-36 defeat and the next meeting against Weymouth was cancelled. A Speedway Control Board inspection had to be carried out at Craighead before any further meetings could take place. A last-heat decider against Arena Essex took place with the closure of the Blantyre speedway for good on 14th September 1986 at the end of that season. Speedway in Blantyre is fondly remembered as something good that happened to this town.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Craig Owens Mellissa Kruger I remember getting showered in dirt and rocks here
Alan Dorricott I went often to the speedway. We cycled from Kirkton Avenue and squeezed our bikes through the turnstiles. My favourite place was beside the tapes. Loved the sounds and the smells
Derek Watson The last match there was against Milton Keynes on 17/10/86, a 47-31 victory
Joseph Allan COULD. Smell it fa camelon on a Friday night and the noise good days
Lynda Burnett Derek Burnett mind you used to take me xxx
Gord Fotheringham Remember the 50s speedway was at the grehound track….in springwells if i am not mistaken….
David Baillie I remember the greyhound track used to go to it.But there was caravan behind it and cant remember the persons name that stayed in it.
Carol Crombie Remember my dad taking me and my sister in the mid 70’s
Ian Dobson I remember it being at the greyhound track. Used to go with my dad. Could hear the sound in high blantyre and the smell was unforgettable. Happy days.

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