1984 Auchinraith Road

1984 Auchenraith Road

A decade after the other photo in today’s posts is this photo, Auchinraith Road in 1984.

Again shared here by Gordon Cook, the evolution of this street continued that decade with large trees removed, the addition of dormers on several houses and of course by then Auchinraith School and the Bakery had all been demolished.

Today, some 35 years later, Auchinraith Road again looks different. Conifers planted in gardens on both sides, now tower above the houses mid way down, masking some of the distant view. New LED lighting feels inadequate in evenings with distinct dark spots in between columns.

Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 12.56.32

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Lorraine Brown My dad’s funeral tea was in the club in June 1997 – if that helps for dating
Lauraine Lawrie We had my mums funeral tea in July 1997 in auchinraith club

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