1974 Auchinraith Road

1974 Auchenraith Road

Next, a great picture from 45 years ago. This is Auchinraith Road, kindly shared here by Gordon Cook.  He had just bought at AGFA camera and took this from the Main Street looking North eastwards.

A large tree on the left, known to have existed for nearly a hundred years before is no longer standing today. In the background the former Auchinraith Club and School would still have been there. Despite some changes, the whole scene is still remarkably familiar.

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Jiae Jiae My birth place, proud to have come from Auchinraith road!
Annie Anderson Jiae Jiae supposed to born there but loads of memories cuz xxx
Ian Mcgowan Great picture.
Jim McSorley I can see the double story co-op building in the background on the left. Memories of walking that road 7 days a week as a co- op milk boy in the late 60s
Sadie Dolan Jim walked this rd from beech place many a time going to visit you’re mums lol great memories xx
Helen McGarry Marie-claire Whitson is that the tree in your garden that crashed into your house during a storm?
Marie-claire Whitson Helen McGarry ye looks like it. It was in the next doors garden but landed right in the front of our house and in my bedroom window. Thankfully we weren’t at home that night x
Helen McGarry Lucky you weren’t! Xx
Mary Mcguire Lovely
Ian Dino McDougall I remember going up to get the sausages and rolls from Smith’s when I was z boy and seeing the big artic lorry sticking out the bungalow on the right..and the police was giving all the cheese away. Was there not a red telephone box on the corner?
Drew Fisher Ian Dino McDougall the crash happened on Glasgow Fair Sunday night in 1972. Sadly the driver died in the accident. I think many people in High Blantyre were living off St Ivel cheese for many week!
Ian Dino McDougall Drew Fisher I didn’t no about the driver dying that’s a shame…but 1972 I was only 6 years old and can remember it like yesterday..im 52 now.i used to stay in kirkton avenue until we flitted to the industrial.
Marc Dee Behind the lampost on the left hand side looks like a Ford Granada Mk2. If so this would no earlier than 1977
Elizabeth Grieve That corner hasn’t changed much
Stephen Morley Home! My Dad still lives there
Joan Anderson Houses on right are semis. My gran and grandpa stayed in 3rd house down – Strebora – was it’s name. Grandpa owned a draper’s shop on Glasgow Road next door to Thomson, newsagent.
Drew Fisher Was this picture taken in 1974? The wall of the cottage on the right is still intact in the photo but it was destroyed in an accident on Fair Sunday – I’m sure 1972. Pictures of the accident were in the Hamilton Advertiser shortly afterwards.
Cecilia McDaid McCann Stayed in the timber houses till a few year ago. Heartbroken when I left that Rd
Gary Doonin Must have been a Sunday this photo was taken as road is quiet , this was one of the busiest roads in area more or less took the traffic that then shifted to EK expressway . Traffic coming from the 74 would travel up whisteberry road , up Auchinraith road onto Main St then onto the Whirlies
Anne Cook My very first home was Craigknowe , the first house you see on the right.My father,Bill Galloway and his wife Jean lived there next door to my Grandparents John and Mary Galloway. We then moved
Anne Cook in 1958 to Stonefield Crescent
Frances Doonin Hutcheson Lots of great memories of living here from 1969 – 1991 right next to Co building.x
Moyra Lindsay Frances Doonin Hutcheson till 1967 I lived in the cooperative house looking onto your back door. I put a picture of your grandpa Frank and other children on a private message to Your brother did he get it?
Bob Fisher The upstairs dormer conversion of No 165, top right, was done in 76 so it was after that. As with others brings back memories
Drew Fisher Bob Fisher yes that’s true, so it’s after 1976.
Drew Fisher Bob Fisher also dormer at 163 was even later.
Bob Fisher Drew Fisher yes, so 77/78

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