1914 Auchinraith Schools Out!

Here’s a fantastic, rare photo for you all! Hopefully you’ve not see this before…

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Going back 105 years ago to the start of WW1. It’s 1914 and the ‘hometime bell’ has rung at Auchinraith School. Children make their way up the Auchinraith Road, this photo taken near the junction of Main Street.

The stone houses are still all there, although most now have upper dormer windows. The large trees are long gone.

 Gas lanterns and a stone gutter at the side of the road. No traffic in this era, although horses and carts would still be common. If you look at the road surface, you’ll see the weaving marks of bicycles. A charming photo, especially seeing the little girl happily skipping her way home.

The other 2/3rds of this photo will be posted tomorrow.

Photo Courtesy: Gordon Cook


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  1. message is for Gordon Cook. There is a photo of Alexander Barrie’s Cycle Agent shop Stonefield, Blantyre at 91 Glasgow Road from 1910-1918. This is my Great Grandfather and I am wondering if you have any other information on him. His wife’s name was Sarah Barrie and their only daughter Jane Ramsay Barrie is my maternal grandmother who was orphaned by 1926 and I have very little information on her childhood. Any information would be appreciated. Places of burial in Blantyre for her parents? Much appreciated.

    Lindsay Paterson

    1. Hi Lindsay – thanks for your message which looks most interesting. I hope to get to it soon and see you submitted a similar request in December 2018 on the “requests” page. I have touched briefly on Alexander Barrie’s business when writing about the buildings here https://blantyreproject.com/?p=60447 I hope to get your request in due course but need to look at things in order they come in. As this is a free service, only run as a hobby outwith my work, it can often take some time. I will get to it though. Thanks for your patience.

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