St Josephs School Reunion

Here’s some great photos.

The older one is a St Joseph’s School trip to the Forth Rail Bridge around 1960.

St Josephs School Trip to Forth Road Bridge, around 1960

The other photos were taken in 1994 when a St Joseph’s class reunion took place in Blantyre. All the people featured were in the class of Gerard McGarry who left Blantyre for the United States in 1962. The boys were in one class, girls separated in another. The reunion even had the priest coming along too.

It is thought the man who threw the party was named Jimmy Meekin possibly featured in the reunion picture at the back, top right.

Was this in a bar in Blantyre? I’m not sure. Do you recognise the pub or any of the people who came along to that reunion a quarter Century ago?

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