Creating Priestfield Cemetery

In June 1979, a story appeared in the Hamilton Advertiser for the first time announcing that Hamilton District Council were thinking of creating a new cemetery beside the EK Expressway.  

However, at that time, the land still had to be bought from Strathclyde Regional Council.  By January 1980, land had been secured on the former Priestfield Bing and it was announced this would be the site of the new cemetery, intended to inter people there from 1980 until the Millennium.  

The site was landscaped in winter 1979 into early 1980 and was proposed to ‘accommodate’ 1,200 people.

As exploratory ground investigation and prepaton surveys took place in the first half of 1980, Hamilton District Council were frustrated in July that year to find huge, thick concrete slab, prohibitive to being broken out and it was decided to leave it in place, buried. The slab was part of the former Colliery hardstanding. However its size and demolition not being included in the stressed budgets of that decade meant that part of the Cemetery could not be used.

The area to the left, west of the Hillhouse Road entrance would lose up to 80 planned lairs and was destined to become a council store for barkchips, stone and landscaping materials. The storage area is still there today, adjacent to the Expressway sliproad.

The attached aerial photo shows the 1992 extension of Priestfield Cemetery underway at a time before the Technology Park was built opposite. The aforementioned hardstanding stores can clearly be seen on the left.

1992 Priestfield Cemetery blantyre gets extended

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