1996 West Hallside

These photos were shared by Jim Leishman and show the former ‘West Hallside Farm’ on the outskirts of Blantyre in late 1996, early 1997.

Pictured 22 years ago or so is West Hallside Farmhouse. Whilst west of the Blantyre boundary, it was part of the former Estate owned by the Hamilton family.

The Leishman family rented the house as the plans for an emerging Drumsagard Village were held up by parliament. It was all green belt and the house nearby to the construction site was available to let.

The previous farmers had moved over to the owners Lothian farm.

Jim told me, “We stayed a couple of years before moving to Townfoot Farmhouse in August 1995. The house [West Hallside Farmhouse] was massive and freezing summer and winter. 11′ ceilings and very big rooms. Good for the kids, 11 and 12, to play about in the fields and sheds. We moved out just before the works started but I went back when I heard the farmhouse was not going to be a community centre or similar and it got bulldozed. It’s all changed now of course.”

Hallside House itself, once situated across the River from Calderglen was demolished sometime in the 1930s, leaving this farmhouse, which is picture being demolished in 1997.

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