1910s High Blantyre

Stephen Watson shared this photo.

He told me, “I have been told that the building on the left ( looking at it ) is 365 main st, where I was born in 1956. this pic may have been taken before that.”

I don’t think I’ve seen this one before. The tenements on the left were built in 1865, some of them removed in the mid 1950’s. The photo though is definitely before 1956……. The fountain was removed in war years. Also the small 2 storey sandwiched building on the right (between the hall and the 3 stroeys) burned down in 1929 and was never replaced. The hall was built in 1893 and still looks fairly new. I’d say this photo is between 1894 and 1928. Given the lack of any vehicles, I’m inclined to say perhaps the 1900’s or 1910s.

This photo was used as a postcard, which was artificially coloured here. With thanks to Gordon Cook for this good copy.

pc 038

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