Clydeview Shopping Centre

Clydeview Shopping Centre (East) pictured in 2011. This block all knocked down in 2018. Any regrets a half year on?

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Blantyre Project never thought i’d say this, but i miss the bank.
Jamie Nisbet Aye, should’ve flattened the rest
Maggie Anderson I remember taking my Mum into that bank to open an account !
Kerrianne Selby Hopefully better n bigger things are coming think it looks so much better with all those empty premises not being used there Xx
Keli Williamson It’s a shame all those good,hard working businesses had to go for the sake of a few more parking spaces.
June Finnie Just passed it 10 mins ago and thought “that looks to much better than all those empty shops”.
Stuart Hensby Whenever I visited my grandfather we would always go there everyday. Very sad.
Margaret Mcdade Yes me too think it looks so much better with the empty shops pulled down by summer it will look great when all the plants bloom
Anne Buchanan Scandal tbh… don’t you just love local businesses being torn down by the big multi nationals. It’s a fecking car park noo. Offt.!!! Say no more 
Sally Jamieson It looks better now that poor neglected empty units have gone. However it is not the outcome that Blantyre Folks thought they were getting and that’s disappointing.
Nic Jonwik Strang Only reason there were empty units is because Asda owned them raised the rent and made it impossible to occupy. Then they flattened and created their car park. Well done monopoly.
Kenneth Faulds Asda is owned by Walmart. It’s all about the big guys.
Ashley Hubbard Looks a lot better. Disappointing Asda changed the plans but tbh they probably would have priced businesses out anyway.   Seating areas are nice. Be good if they planted something to brighten it up a bit. They have made it skatepark heaven for the kids, they’re all loving it lol.
Heather Sneddon I miss the skate shop, I miss being able to visit my bank whenever I needed too and it may have been a while ago but I also miss the pet shop that was once here. I don’t like having to travel out with my own town to deal with finances and get stuff for my pets. The skate shop was a great place even if you weren’t shopping. I’m sad to see it’s gone. I do like that the place is modern but it’s also far too empty and Blantyre is missing something now
John Devine What a waste,do they forget the amount of oaps still living in blantyre and needed these shops,old b airdie frae the raws.
Maxine Prince I remember this being built . Wasn’t the shop with the blue shutters Timpsons back in the mid 80’s ?
Janet Cairney Total waste of space now. Asda has got too big and greedy. We were told there was going to be a forecourt at the petrol station
Kenneth Downie Still thinking that they could have a mini market in the new car park to promote local businesses on quiet days 😁but I prefer it to what it was
James Sime I think it looks terrible now, the Asda building and the rest of the shops now stand out, and show how ugly and run down they are. That side should have been demolished or given a major makeover. The place looks so empty, grey, bare and grim now. Starting to resemble a run down retail park rather than a town centre. Hopefully more will come, but anything of benefit in the plans seems to have been ditched.
James Sime The shops looked a lot tidier than in that pic before they were demolished. The boards on upper windows were painted and some of those boarded shops were in use ( solicitors etc). I think that side always looked better than the side they have pulled down – angled shop buidings, larger units etc. Gave a town centre feel. The bit they have kept of a straight line of run down units on a hill / slope. I would have preferred if they kept the old units and refurbed them and built a new replacement Asda on the current car park (this is what has been done with many old Asda buildings) and then demolished the current Asda and shops at that side for a new car park. Suppose that would cost more money though! Blantyre isnt good enough for that type of expenditure.
Cetta McCormick It was an eyesore previously but as for asda building other shops i think they never had any intentions in doing this in the first place as i said all along it was for more car park spaces.
Stephen Fallon The ruination of old Blantyre
Elaine Speirs The real shame here is that local businesses have been lost and there are still empty units at Asda. We did not need another bookies instead of Chaos, the laundry, the barbers, thd Chinese restaurant and the lawyers. We are all worse off.
Elizabeth Golder Hughes I feel it looks terrible now!! Too much tarmac!!! Feel they done it on the cheap cause its Blantyre. Asda bosses are needing to pay more attention to what is inside the store and also outside. We loyal shoppers and people of Blantyre surely deserve more!!!
Pamela Leith Total greed ! Asda had no intention of putting shops etc there.more car park space= more customers, more money for Asda!
Marion Jones We heard costa are supposed to be going in a new build of the sports centre down the ash park and the library and doctors surgeries were all being moved there ,but don’t know if this is hear say
Russell Boyd Asda wont even pay for staff even all there current ones are stressed and worked to death. Thats the reason all there shelves are always empty. So whats the chance of them doing anything for blantyre . Theyve actually ruined the place.
Catherine Devlin All that tarmac is gonna be a accident blackspot for the elderly come winter when it freezes, especialy the hilly bit outside greggs, Asda aquired the old post office ground many years ago with promises that never got done, yet our council let them do it again, regeneration of the units pulled down never happened and here we are again, they were meant to be renovating the existing building thats left, wont happen, we lost a bank, lawyers, skate shop, charity shop, to be left with a double sized bookmakers, the only people that can afford Asdas rent, Asda dont care about Blantyre and scrape every extra penny from us just as they do from their workers
Jim Lees Believe Asda decided to change their plans due to potential merger. If it goes through guaranteed that in the future stores will close with jobs at risk once again.
Paul McGivern Remember lightbodys and the rolls and chips!!! Omg I loved them after the swimming
Teresa Logie That bit of land asda made now with shops been pulled down now in a few months ul find buckie bottles cans and rubbish in there soon.
Heather Logan From what I’ve heard new shops were not built, due too no one coming forward to rent them, so why build them to have them lay empty and go the same way as the old ones, rotten smelly and rat infested, just build them 1 at time when and if they are needed.
Michael Fury Why didn’t they re-furbish the old shops & the accommodation above the shops they could then have put tenants into the upper accommodation & also rented the shops, this could have helped the area regenerate by employing local people.
Darren McIlvaney Could have made better use of the space. Petrol Station needs expanding, and the car park layout could be improved.

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