David Livingstone Primary

Some of these old photo of the former David Livingstone Primary may take people back to their childhood. Pictured just after the Millennium, these were the final years for this 1950’s built school.

Whats YOUR memories of David Livingstone Memorial Primary or any of the teachers?

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Helen Allan Mr Davis, mr aitken Oor janny.
Sheena Mason Helen Allan Aww Mr Aitken was a lovely wee man. Everybody loved him.x
Sharon Bryson I can remember me and a friend locked our teacher in the hut. Funny at the time.
James Sime Sad pictures, after the massive fire that wiped out the whole of the main classroom block. Amazing school, brilliant teachers and massive grounds for exploring during playtimes. Rolling down the big hills to the pitch in summer getting covered in grass, or the mudslides down them in the winter. Amazing times! The school was always being set on fire or broken into. I remember the dinner hall and the huts being set on fire when I was there.
Liza Gardner Mr V coaching our girls football team! The red ash stuck in our knees after sports days.
Margaret Stewart I remember juggling on the bar at the side gates and Mr Macintosh? (headmaster) coming into our class to hear us singing “I wondered lonley as a cloud that floats on high” Mrs Forest who always spat into her hanky
Sally Mckean Margaret Stewart I think it was Mr McFadzean by the time we left. I only remember Mr Hamilton and him as head teachers.
Jean Orr Sally Margaret I have a vague memory of going on our first day & getting sent home cos the teacher was sick – have I made that up? 🤔 I also remember Mr Davis, he was near the end of our schooling there! X
Alex Orr Miss McInnes the music teacher. She took us to see the Phoenix choir in Glasgow.
Sally Mckean Do you remember Miss Barr. She was lovely. I remember the p1 teacher washing( someone who shall remain nameless) mouth out with soap. She wouldn’t get away with it these days lol. Mr Davis was p7 xx
Margaret Stewart Alex Orr I have fond memories of her singing in her choir
Helen Allan Jean Orr Mr Davis was the last teacher before we all left for secondary school
Taylor Ferguson Shannon Mackie this is so weird to see again
Alan Reid So sad to see the school like that. Had many great memories of the school
Nichola Morton Dont forget Mrs Cushnies chocolate cake 🤤 it’s legendary!
Gail Chalmers Mr Fairley was my favourite along with Mrs Gray. She was also my 1st teacher in P1 but was Miss Haley then
Carolline Kilgour Thanks Gail, I couldn’t remember Miss Haley’s married name. She taught me in p2 or 3. I think I had Mrs Blunn in p1. Also remember Mrs Doyle, Mrs Cropp, Mrs Cushnie and Mr Lewis
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Gail Chalmers remember all these teachers, also miss Swift head of the lower school. Mrs Gibb, miss Glen, Mrs Duncan the secretary, mr Davies lots of fond memories of a great school x
Kirsty Forrest Mr Haskell was my favourite teacher, taught me to play chess and he told the best stories
Kirsty Forrest Mr Lennox aka spitfire
Jean Gibson I was a student teacher there in the 60’s. Head was Mr McFadyen I think.
Nanette Botterill I taught there 1970/71/72 Mr McFadgen was still there
Brendan O’neill Didn’t go to this school but could tell a few stories I stayed across the road from it
Anne Grogan Headmaster Mr. MacIntosh, Mrs Wright the ministers wife, didn’t like her.
Anne Grogan Miss Letham, took care of my son when we moved from Belfast. A lovely lady.
James Sime Anne Grogan she was a great teacher, I always wonder what happened to her.
Gerry Walker Stayed in Craigton Place and used the football park regularly. sometimes 16-a-side on a sunday lunchtime. The wee hill that runs parallel with Morven Ave was used for deadmans falls in the summer or “Borrowing” the old wooden breadboards from behind Botterills and using them as sleds in the winter.
Sylvia Mclaughlin Gerry Walker I stayed in Hillview drive n rember the wee hill
Gerry Walker Sylvia Mclaughlin I can only remember a Sylvia whose name was Mc Kendrick. She lived close to the Richardson’s who lived in the corner house next to the swingpark.
Stacey Duncan Miss Cushnie and her chocolate cake. Always made it for us in when we won a game for the girls football team. Great memories of primary school.
Mary-Jane Douglas I started in 1981 and was only there for a year and a bit before we moved. Sure my p1 teacher was Miss Monk.
Liz Burns Marion Roy , I’m sure you’ll have fabulous memories 
Karen Paterson Simpkins Loved this school. Favorite teacher was Mrs Gibson. She used to read us stories, with the lights dimmed in the gym.
Marion Roy I taught there for 39 years and have very happy memories!
Marion Roy Thank you! They were a pleasure to teach! Where have all the years gone?! xx
Liz Burns My two sons Primary 1 teacher, what a great start they had to their education through your hard work and dedication .
John Mckeen I once took my chemistry set to school just before summer break. Ended up trying to make a stink bomb, but I put the cork into the test tube way too tight, and it exploded all over the orange curtains. The stain was still there years later.
Betty Hendry I was there 1958/59 hated the head master then Mr Hamilton most teacher’s then we’re bullies
Ann Millar Mr Hamilton, was our headmaster when i went to David Livingstone,s and Mrs Neilson was my very 1st teacher n P1, was one of the 1st ones in Livingstone,s when it was built came fae Nessies school loooooooooooooved Mrs Neilson brilliant teacher offie gentle petite wee woman wae a heart of gold, no awe ma teacher,s were like her think that,s why i remember her because she was just a brilliant person n a was only 5.
Kirsty Liebow Love this school and the teachers. Some amazing times. Sports days were always my favourite! 😁 Mrs Somerville was fab x
Laney Wildman My mum used to say the best days of your life was at school didn’t believe her way back then but now they were the best days of our life’s also remember the youth club and summer clubs always on and we went to school after weekend someone had broken into the school and took the bust statue of David Livingston that sat in the In shot made for the bust in the gym
Isobel Paterson Headmaster Mr Hamilton scary man
Fran Mcdermott Walters Used to sneak in there to smoke my fags lol
Gordon Mather Was there from 1968 to 75, loved that school, great memories of good teachers and life long friends, Mrs Swift, Mrs Morrison, Miss Hall, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Kitson Mrs Glover. Mr Davis now and again who was a nice old chap. Mr McFadden and then Mr Lewis were the heads. Mrs Duncan was the secretary and the janny im sure was Mr Aitkenhead. DLMPS
Pamela Alana Gordon Mather OMG I’m well impressed – how can you remember all these names . I remember Mr Lewis – he belted me for talking – and it wasn’t even me !! Grrrrr xx
Caroline McDougall Miss McKenzie was my P7 teacher in 1973. Mrs Thomsons wee tablet treats on a Friday were amazing. Mr Davis was a great teacher. He was always full of praise for his pupils. I had him in P5
Jeanette Allardyce Ward Gordon Mather remember most of those teachers Mr Fairlie was my teacher in Primary 7. Miss Swift hit me on the hand with a ruler for pushing my cousin Tom in class lol. Also remember Mrs Gibb, Miss Doyle, Mrs Cushley, Miss Gillan, Mrs Blun and Mrs Crop x
Jane Scobbie How it’s changed. I was among the first lit of pupils ever to sit at a desk there. It was huge compared to Nessie’s and the playground with a sports field was massive. I was just 5/6 though. Gosh do I remember Mr Hamilton, he was so so strict and scary. Mrs Neilson was a lovely kind teacher
Ina Sanders mr aitken our janny had found memories of sliding down the hill school bag as i sat on it
Margaret Brown I remember mrs crop who was a fab teacher and mrs Cushily who used to invite us to her house in high Blantyre , even took us to Blackpool in her car
Margaret Quinn I remember this school I was also one of the first pupils in it loved the dinners didn’t like miss Sneddon a cruel woman with very bad skin she would pick a pupil if there was any spare milk and then let them pick a person till all the milk was distributed and the result was the kids that needed it very rarely got picked. Loved mr Davis and mr Aitken the janny
Emma Reilly Miss the old school. The Playground was so much more spacious, the senior playground in the new school is ridiculous!
Joyce Hamilton Mr Davis when i was there 1962 – 73 . Mr Aitken was the janny
Marion Chatham I started there in August 1959 a great wee school.
Margaret Cairns I remember Mr Reid and out the morning milk in the mornings miss the good old days
Stephen Allan Mr Lewis was the head when I started in 1989 and then he left in 1992 I am sure and we then had Mrs Wilson after him and she was still there when I left in 1996. Here is a list of all the teachers I had.

P1 Mrs McIvor
P2 Mrs Selkirk
P3 Mrs Cropp
P4 Mrs Gray
P5 Mrs Somerville
P6 Mrs Gray
P7 Miss Boudville
Stephen Allan I forgot to ask if anyone remember Mrs Proctor and can anyone remenber the male teacher that died in the very early 90s that worked there. I can vaguely remember a male teacher that died back in very early 90s.
Steffi Thornton Mrs McNair, Mr Lennox, Mrs McIntyre, Miss Wilson, Mrs Cushnie, Mrs Boyle to name a few Nicole Isabella Murdoch lol some really happy memories and some not so happy but it was always a good school xxx
Kirsty Halloran I remember the fire we had to do class in gym hall
Ann Brown Was there from 1961 to 66. Remember miss Marshall, think that was p4. Also remember being made to sit on my left hand as I tended to be left handed, think that was p2, AND my mum going to the school cos the girl sitting behind me cut my hair when we were making shapes or something
Janie McConnell David Livingstone Primary School Was the best school ever, we just lived across from it in Devondale Ave, all the teachers were great! Great Memories Indeed !
Ean Brown A great School 
Mr McFdyen was my first headmaster. Then Mr Lewis. Primary one was Mrs Barr an excellent teacher look me.
Corr M Cleary Annemarie Brown Gilluley and Vicki Flynn…that takes me back. Hide and seek, rounders, hop scotch, twirling on the bars, handstands on the grass, the youth club xx

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  1. Was a great wee school started there in 62 until i left in 69.then onto calder street .

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