1925 Girls at Auchinraith Primary

This charming photo was share by Drew Fisher. It’s from 1925 and features some Blantyre lassies standing outside the girls entrance of the former Auchinraith Primary School.

The girl at the top right is Beth Galloway, Drew’s mother. Beth was a lifelong friend of Jessie Scott (married name Olsen), who may also be in this photo? I’m not sure what the occasion was, but the girls look dressed up, rather than clothes they would wear to school.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jean Boyd That’s so lovely, great old photo
Margaret Mary OSullivan Wonderful photo! Clearly looks like a special day. Everyone seems so smiley. I wonder where life lead them…….
Joan Anderson Did Galloway’s live at the top of Auchinraith Road on the left?
Drew Fisher Joan Anderson yes they did. How did you know of them?
Joan Anderson Drew Fisher my Gran and Granpa I’m sure lived next door. They were Gilmour. Funny how some names pop out and sets off a memory
Drew Fisher Joan Anderson I remember Gilmours living at 161. House name Strebora. Sam Gilmour? And an old Mrs Gilmour who used to visit Strathaven every week and brought back ‘toffee’.
Joan Anderson Drew Fisher spot on Drew. Sam Gilmour died in his 40’s Granpa- I cant remember Granny Gilmour lived a bit longer. Peter, Sam’s brother, was my Dad. Yes, we used to go up to Strathaven too and got the best ‘toffee’ we have ever found. Sam’s daughter and wife are buried in High Blantyre cemetery with a headstone and Gran and Granpa are in the next Lair. I don’t know where my cousin Jim is but I’ve left a note in the flower pot at the grave if he ever goes there. Granny had a beautiful garden and Dad always said I took after her. My Mum was Helen and her family owned Hastie’s farm back in the day when it was a farm then a garage. Got one Aunt still living then I’m next. Thanks for remembering Sam and Granny
Drew Fisher Joan Anderson my mother used to visit Sam’s wife, Margaret?, in Nursery Place where she lived with her daughter. I take it you lived in Strathmore Road / Leechlee St in Hamilton?
Joan Anderson Drew Fisher I only found out last year that Aunt Margaret had died back in 2000. Mum used to see her now and then when she was visiting Gran. Family argument along the way caused a rift. I did write to Aunt Margaret as someone I knew from their school days knew her but got no reply. Correct, Strathmore Road till early 71 then got a flat in EK with my husband, then in 74 with one daughter my husband got a job in Saudi Arabia and off we went. We were there 11 years until he unfortunately got leukaemia. Now live in Stirling, 1 daughter 2 sons and 7 grandsons. I remember Strebora like I was in there yesterday
Mary Sitters Don’t recognize my Auntie Jessie here. Andrea Olsen??
Andrea Olsen Mary, neither do I. Elizabeth wondered about girl sitting in middle but I’m not sure 🤔 I have a younger photo and then only young adult ones.
Moyra Lindsay I remember Mrs Fisher. We lived down at the Cooperative. I think Drew and I stood at the bus stop going to the academy every day. We never spoke.
Eleanor Connor Fantastic pic!
Bob Fisher My maw. As an emigrant to Edmonton, Alberta recalled ” the wee lassie wi’ the long curly hair who lived at the top of Auchinraith Rd” who bumped into her during Klondike Days, Edmonton early 70s

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