1955 Garden at Main Street

Charlie Jipson shared this photo with me recently adding, “In the picture of my Granny’s back garden you can see the High Blantyre pit. On the left is my granny Bessie Ingram and on the right is Mrs Murdoch who had the little shop across the road from Nursery Place.”

The picture was taken in the back garden of a house on Main Street around 1955, which would have been a couple of years before the Dixon’s pit buildings were demolished.

Charlie continued, “My granny’s bungalow was next to shop. Across the road was a nursery that my uncle owned. In 1949, my granny also had a bakery where she made cakes and bread.”

The photo would be quite different today, for not only is the pit demolished and Hamilton Technology Park on the elevated ground, but the houses at Kirkton Avenue estate were built very soon after.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Henry Hambley Did Murdochs not have the shop opposite the nursery and Auchinraith Road ?
Jack Bethel Yes, Murdochs then later, late 60’s or early 70’s, Smith’s.
Maisie Whittaker My mum went to Mrs Murdoch shop and i got sent sometimes.
Moyra Lindsay Maisie Whittaker me too. Could it be right that we could see through to their house?
Maisie Whittaker Moyra Lindsay yes you are right i forgot about that.
Moira Hunter Thanks Charlie for share this photo of my Great Auntie Bessie. !
Moyra Lindsay I could look out my grannies window at 36 Birdsfield Drive and watch the pit ponies on the Bing, not sure if that was Auchinraith or Dixons. That was about 1953.
Maisie Whittaker Moyra Lindsay i think that would be Auchinraith
Moyra Lindsay Maisie Whittaker thanks. You would see same from your back door.
Jim Cochrane Look at the flowers in the garden ,few houses have that now.
Patty Smith Beautiful picture…and ladies
Suzann Morrice Great photo 
Jean Gibson My granny, Christina Innes lived in Nursery place

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