1910 Barnhill by Neil Gordon

Continuing a look at some nice Blantyre related paintings.

Today is the turn of this colourful scene. I love this little painting, not just of the effort and its content, but because it was painted by the late Neil Gordon, a well known man and my Blantyre history predecessor.

Neil is the man who originally inspired me to become interested in ‘all things Blantyre’, when even as a teenager, I took an interest in my neighbours hobby.

His painting, now belonging to South Lanarkshire Council is on display at Low Parks Museum in Hamilton and depicts a traditional scene in Barnhill around 1910, at the top of the Pech Brae.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Jean Gibson Is that the Hoolets on the right
Blantyre Project yes, not long after it doubled in height
Mag Fullerton Where my dad was born. 
Sally Jamieson I have a couple of Neil paintings in my loft which my dad bought from Neal many years ago. My Dad also commissioned Neil to do two paintings of monument which my sister and I have.
Blantyre Project thats a nice piece of Blantyre history to have. Lucky you Sally!
Moyra Bass Has anyone done any research as to who resided in the houses then? My late mother remembered visiting her granny in an end house. Mum used to play in the Pech Brae as a child.
Alex Rochead Hi Moyra, I have information on some of the residents of Barnhill. What was the name of your mother’s grandmother & family and when did she live in in the area?
Moyra Bass Alex Rochead my mum lived on Bardykes Road and it would possibly have been her Gr grandmother Young.
Moyra Bass Alex Rochead she lived in the area between 1936 to 1946 when he family moved to Hamilton, Rose Cres, awaiting immigration to NZ
Rena Caullay I bought a few paintings from Neil to send to my brother who lived down south. Neil gave me 2 paintings as a gift. He was so talented.


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  1. Paul, my dad would have been really pleased that he inspired you to become interested in all things Blantyre. He would also have been so pleased that you have taken the history of Blantyre to the next level. It is great work that you do. Barry Gordon.

    1. This is perhaps the nicest comment i’ve read on this website! Thank you Barry. Your dad was a remarkable man and truly did inspire me. I cannot ever hope to have accomplished the things he did, especially his wonderful talent for painting. I have no idea how he did all that research in the days before the Internet properly started up. I can reveal that my Encyclopedia of all things ive ever written about Blantyre will have a front page dedication to Neil. I would have loved to have chatted more with Neil in the 90s. Comments like yours above only inspire and motivate me further. Thank you and have a good weekend.

      1. We look forward to reading your Encyclopaedia. Without the work you, my dad and others have done over the years, a lot of Blantyre’s history would have been lost forever. You should be so proud of what you are doing, leaving historical information for future generations to read about our town. I wish you all the best in all your future projects. Barry

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