Railway Station, 1961

A cracking picture of the Low Blantyre Train Station. Taken in 1961 before electrification of the lines. The former goods shed in the background. There’s a certain charm about this scene, and still strangely some familiarity.

Do YOU remember the station like this? With thanks to Gordon Cook for a good copy of this picture.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

William Dickson remember it well also high blantyre station day trips to portabello great times in my days.
Moyra Lindsay I remember the old station waiting room with the roaring fire on cold days, as we waited for the train to school. Steam train with compartments and pictures of seaside places we could only dream about!
Anthony Smith I still remember the steam trains.Single compartments with seating for 8 people and the leather strap to open and close the windows.Hanging out the window and getting ‘ bits ‘ in your eyes.
Elaine Speirs I remember the old station from about 1972. It was in bad repair and the waiting room smelled really bad.
William Dickson oh forgot the ibrox special. went to the rangers games from there memories
Billy Purse I remember playing in the old yard, kidding on we were train drivers with no trains, a bit like today’s train drivers.
Margaret Mary OSullivan Yes, I remember the roaring fire in the waiting room too. I used to go into Glasgow with my Mum regularly and I can vividly remember how as a wee girl (around 4 ) I used to scurry to hide behind my Mum as the train approached , as I was petrified of this huge, monstrous shape breathing smoke and fire that was hurtling towards me! 😱 My Dad, Joe Callaghan worked shifts in the pits and when my Mum was at work and I had grown a little braver about trains he would take me a walk from our house in Farm Road and we would watch for a train arriving and wave to the passengers.
Margaret Brown Burns It had a great waiting room

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